Oil-Free Compressor

Our air compressor is developed for the home medical care of such conditions as lung disease.

We have collaborated with medical  equipment makers in Japan for 11 years, with approximately 100,000 sold. With its small size, light weight and low noise, low vibration, and low power consumption levels, our product is of high quality by world standards.





Water Pump
(Brushless DC Moter)

The high efficiency brushless DC motor allows optimal operation control and rotational speed control with low power consumption,low noise, and low vibration levels.

DC 12V type
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DC type
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Solar Pump System

The well pump works with the energy provided by solar photovoltaic generation. Self-support conclusion model water supply system.
At the time of large-scale disaster, even long-term blackout, supply of the water from a water tank or well are possible.
This system contribute the life of people living in the area without the electric equipment.

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House Hold Well Pumps

We produce the electric well pump and sell in Japan and south Asia. Many kind of pump are developed to fit the needs of customers.

Shallow well pump
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Deep well pump
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